Security and self-rescue is essential for every kitesurfer who wants peace of mind and confidence.

Security starts before you start kiting.

Do I quick release or not, what do I do in an emergency situation?

How do I relaunch my kite after releasing?

How do I get to my kite after releasing?

How to Self rescue?

In Private or Semi-private, we will give you the tools that you need to be more secure and confident.


Many new instructors have approached kiteauxiles looking for answers and new ways to teach.

So at their demand we have created the Instructor Tune-Up course. We revise the teaching techniques, we look at their challenges and look for different solutions to thier problems.

A course for a professional taught by a professional is the answer that you are looking for. New tricks and tools will give you the confidence that you are looking for.

The training is given by Juan Herrera, Kitesurf instructor since 2004, IKO and PASA certified.

He has been teaching windsurf, snowboard, sailing, rock climbing and now Kitesurfing.


You need to improve upwind techniques?

You need to revise your safety?

You want to try jumping?

Or other needs?

Everything is possible!

Your kitesurfing technique will get better as fast as we can do it.

You will see & feel the difference!

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